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Horreur (103 titres)



30 Days of Night    Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Blu-ray

A Nightmare on Elm Street(Infinifilm)    Alliance Atlantis DVD

Alone in the Dark (Director's Cut)    Alliance Vivafilm DVD

An American Werewolf In London (Collector`s Edition)    Universal DVD

Angel - Season One    Twentieth Century Fox DVD

Audrey Rose    MGM DVD

Birds, The (Collector's Edition)    Universal DVD

Black Sheep (Unrated)    Alliance Atlantis DVD

Black Sunday (The Mario Bava Collection)    Image Entertainment DVD

Blair Witch Project 2, The: Book of Shadows    Artisan DVD

Blob, The (Criterion Collection)    Criterion DVD

Box, The    Warner Bros. Blu-ray

Brocéliande    TVA Films DVD

Buffy, The Vampire Slayer (The Complete First Season)    Twentieth Century Fox DVD

Bug (Special Edition)    Maple Pictures DVD

Cabin Fever (édition Christal Films)    Christal Films DVD

Candyman (Special Edition)    Columbia Tristar DVD

Chambre, La    Films Séville DVD

Cronos (10th Anniversary Special Edition)    Lion's Gate DVD

Curse of Frankenstein, The    Warner Bros. DVD

Day of the Dead, George Romero's    Anchor Bay DVD

Day Watch    Twentieth Century Fox Blu-ray

Dead Snow    E1 Entertainment Blu-ray

Drag Me to Hell    Universal Blu-ray

Dreamcatcher    Warner Bros. DVD

Evil Dead II (limited edition)    Anchor Bay DVD

Exorcist, The (The Version You've Never Seen )    Warner Bros. DVD

Final Destination    Alliance Atlantis DVD

Final Destination 2 (Infinifilm)    Alliance Atlantis DVD

Final Destination 3 (Thrill Ride Edition) (WS)    Alliance Atlantis DVD

Fly 2, The (Collector's Edition)    Twentieth Century Fox DVD

Fog, The (Special Edition)    MGM DVD

Frailty    Christal Films DVD

Freddy Vs. Jason (édition canadienne)    Alliance Atlantis DVD

Friday The 13th (Uncut Deluxe Edition)    Paramount DVD

Frighteners, The (Director's Cut)    Universal DVD

Ghost Ship    Warner Bros. DVD

Ghoulies/Ghoulies II    MGM DVD

Ginger Snaps (Special Edition)    TVA Films DVD

Ginger Snaps II: Unleashed    Films Séville DVD

Ginger Snaps III - The Beginning    Films Séville DVD

Gothika    Warner Bros. HD DVD

Grudge, The    Sony Pictures Home Entertainment DVD

Halloween (25th Anniversary Edition)    Anchor Bay DVD

Hammer Horror Series (Brides of Dracula / Curse of the Werewolf / Phantom of the Opera / Night Creatures / Kiss of the Vampire / Nightmare / Night Creatures / Evil of Frankenstein, The) (2-disc Edition)    Universal DVD

Hangman's Curse    Twentieth Century Fox DVD

Hills Have Eyes, The    Anchor Bay DVD

Hitcher, The (WS)    Alliance Atlantis DVD

Host, The (Two Disc Collector's Edition)    Alliance Atlantis DVD

House of 1000 Corpses    Lion's Gate DVD

House of Wax (Widescreen)    Warner Bros. DVD

Howling, The (Special Edition)    MGM DVD

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Collector’s Edition)    MGM DVD

It    Warner Bros. DVD

Jaws 2    Universal DVD

Jaws : Collector's Edition    Universal DVD

Jaws III    Universal DVD

Jaws: The Revenge    Universal DVD

Jeepers Creepers    MGM DVD

Jeepers Creepers 2 : Special Edition    MGM DVD

Killer Tomatoes Strike Back    Twentieth Century Fox DVD

Last House on the Left, The    MGM DVD

Lost Boys, The (2-Disc Special Edition)    Warner Bros. DVD

Martyrs    Films Séville DVD

Masque of the Red Death/Premature Burial (Midnite Movie - Double Feature)    MGM DVD

Mr. Sardonicus    Columbia Tristar DVD

Night Watch    Twentieth Century Fox DVD

Night Watch    Twentieth Century Fox Blu-ray

One Missed Call    Warner Bros. Blu-ray

Pacte des loups, Le (édition de luxe - 3 disques)    TVA Films DVD

Paranormal Activity    Paramount DVD

Phantom of the Opera, The    MGM DVD

Phantom of the Opera, The (The Milestone Collection)    Image Entertainment DVD

Pulse (WS - Unrated)    Alliance Atlantis DVD

Python 2    Twentieth Century Fox DVD

Queen Of The Damned    Warner Bros. DVD

Reeker    VVS Films DVD

Resident Evil: Apocalypse (édition canadienne)    Alliance Atlantis DVD

Ring, The    Dreamworks DVD

Rogue (Unrated)    Alliance Vivafilm DVD

Saw III    Christal Films DVD

Saw IV (Uncut - WS)    Maple Pictures DVD

Seed of Chucky (montage non censuré - format d'image respecté)    Universal DVD

Serpent and the Rainbow, The - Wes Craven's    Universal DVD

Shadow of the Vampire    Universal DVD

Shining, The (Special Edition)    Warner Bros. HD DVD

Shining, The (The Kubrick Collection)    Warner Bros. DVD

Shocker    Universal DVD

Stephen King's Pet Sematary (Special Collector's Edition)    Paramount DVD

Strangers, The (Unrated)    Alliance Vivafilm DVD

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, The (Gruesome Edition, The)    MGM DVD

Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The (Regular Edition)    Alliance Atlantis DVD

Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The (The 2 Disc Ultimate Edition)    Dark Sky Films DVD

Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The: The Beginning (WS - Unrated)    Alliance Atlantis DVD

The Mothman Prophecies (Special Edition)    Columbia Tristar DVD

Them!    Warner Bros. DVD

Thing, The (Collector's Edition)    Universal DVD

Thir13en Ghosts    Warner Bros. DVD

Thirst    Alliance Vivafilm DVD

Tsui Hark's Vampire Hunters    Columbia Tristar DVD

Unspeakable    MGM DVD

Valentine    Warner Bros. DVD

Wes Craven's The People under the Stairs    Universal DVD

Willard    New Line DVD

Wolf Creek (Uncut)    Alliance Atlantis DVD

Woods, The    Sony Pictures Home Entertainment DVD

[Rec]    Films Séville DVD

Silence de Lorna, Le DVD    

Box, The Blu-ray    

Demain dès l'aube DVD    

Code a changé, Le DVD    

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