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Drame policier (56 titres)



15 Minutes (Infinifilm)    New Line DVD

Along Came a Spider    Paramount DVD

Black Dahlia, The (WS)    Universal DVD

Black Rain    Paramount HD DVD

Blackmail is my Life    Home Vision Entertainment DVD

Blue Steel    Columbia Tristar DVD

Bone Collector, The    Universal DVD

Bourne Supremacy, The    Universal DVD

Carlito's Way    Universal HD DVD

Carlito's Way (Collector's Edition)    Universal DVD

Casino (Anniversary Edition - WS)    Universal DVD

Collateral    Dreamworks DVD

Dark Blue    MGM DVD

Dirty Harry (Clint Eastwood Collection)    Warner Bros. DVD

Diva    Anchor Bay DVD

Element of Crime, The (Criterion Collection)    Criterion DVD

Evilenko    TLA Releasing DVD

Fritz Lang's You Only Live Once    Image Entertainment DVD

Get Carter    Warner Bros. DVD

Grissom Gang, The    MGM DVD

Harsh Times    Alliance Atlantis DVD

Heat (2 Discs - Special Edition)    Warner Bros. DVD

Heist    Warner Bros. DVD

Hunted, The    Paramount DVD

I Confess    Warner Bros. DVD

In the Cut (Rated)    Columbia Tristar DVD

In The Line Of Fire    Columbia Tristar DVD

Infernal Affairs    Alliance Atlantis DVD

Inside Man (WS)    Universal DVD

Insomnia    Warner Bros. DVD

Judgment Night    Universal DVD

Layer Cake ( Widescreen Special Edition)    Sony Pictures Home Entertainment DVD

Manhunter (Restored Director's Cut Divimax Edition)    Anchor Bay DVD

Miami Vice (Unrated)    Universal Blu-ray

Miami Vice (WS - Rated)    Universal DVD

Narc    Paramount DVD

Petit lieutenant, Le    Métropole Films DVD

Pickpocket    Criterion DVD

Pledge, The    Warner Bros. DVD

Robocop 3    MGM DVD

Romeo is Bleeding (Avant-Garde Cinema)    MGM DVD

Runaway Jury    Twentieth Century Fox DVD

Rush    MGM DVD

Scarface Deluxe Gift Set    Universal DVD

Score, The    Paramount DVD

Se7en (New Line Platinum Series)    New Line DVD

Shaft    Paramount DVD

Silence of the Lambs, The (Collector's Edition)    MGM DVD

State of Grace    MGM DVD

To Live and Die in L.A Special Edition    MGM DVD

Touch of Evil    Universal DVD

Training Day    Warner Bros. DVD

True Confessions    MGM DVD

Under Suspicion    Columbia Tristar DVD

Underworld Beauty A Film by Seijun Suzuki    Home Vision Entertainment DVD

Usual Suspects, The (Special Edition)    MGM DVD

Warner Gangsters Collection 1    Warner Bros. DVD

Warner Gangsters Collection 3    Warner Bros. DVD

We Own the Night    Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Blu-ray

J'ai tué ma mère DVD    

Mary and Max DVD    

Drag Me to Hell Blu-ray    

Thirst DVD    

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