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Sorties DVD et Blu ray

prévisons de sortie | octobre 2000

3 Octobre 2000
The 7 Faces Of Dr. Lao - Warner Home Video
A.M. Chi / P.M. Chi / Energy Chi: All Day Chi For Beginners - Living Arts
Adventure Of Ichobod and Mr. Toad - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. Toad: Gold Collection - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
The Adventures Of Ichabod And Mr. Toad - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes #1 - MPI Home Video
American Virgin - Studio Home Entertainment (Sterling)
Andrew Weil M.D.: 8 Weeks To Optimum Health / Spontaneous Healing - WinStar Home Video
Angel Blue - Vanguard Films
Avengers '63, The: Set #1: Volume 1 & 2 - A&E Home Video
Avengers '63, The: Set #2: Volume 3 & 4 - A&E Home Video
Bad Moon - Warner Home Video
Bed You Sleep In - Vanguard Films
Bellyfruit - Vanguard Films
Berlioz: Te Deum / Wagner: Die Meistersinger: Vienna Philharmonic - Image Entertainment
Big Picture Box, The: Discoverers / Dolphins / Living Sea / Magic Flight / Stormchasers: IMAX (DTS) - Image Entertainment
Billy Jack - Ventura
Billy Jack Goes To Washington - Ventura
The Black Cauldron - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Blue Submarine 6: Ocean Floor - Pioneer Entertainment
Blue's Big Musical Movie: Blue's Clues - Paramount Home Video
The Body Beneath: Special Edition - Image Entertainment
Born Losers - Ventura
Bossa Nova: Special Edition - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Brothers McMullen - 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Bullitt: Collector's Edition - Creative Design
But I'm A Cheerleader - Universal Home Video
Cartoon Crazys: Comic Book Hero - WinStar Home Video
Cartoon Crazys: Spooky Toons - WinStar Home Video
Chained Heat 3: Hell Mountain - MTI Home Video
Charlie Chaplin Box, The: The Gold Rush / City Lights / Modern Times / The Great Dictator - Image Entertainment
Charlie's Angels: Angels Under Cover - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Crusade In The Pacific - Madacy Entertainment
The Curious Dr. Humpp : Special Edition - Image Entertainment
Dark Crystal, The / Labyrinth - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Dirty Dozen: Collector's Edition - Creative Design
Dolphins: IMAX (DTS) - Image Entertainment
Dr. Wayne Dyer: How To Get What You Really Want / Improve Your Life - WinStar Home Video
Dracula (1973) / The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - MPI Home Video
Dreams Of Flight: Original TV Series - E Realbiz (Slingshot)
East West - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Ed Burns Box Set: Stories From Long Island: Special Edition - 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Encyclopedia Of WWII - Madacy Entertainment
Escaflowne #1: Dragons And Destiny - Pioneer Entertainment
Feng Shui - WinStar Home Video
Flash Gordon Box, The: Space Soldiers / Trip To Mars / Conquers The Universe - Image Entertainment
From Dusk Till Dawn: Collector's Box Set - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Gay To Z Of Sex - Wolfe
Get Carter - Warner Home Video
Hideaway - Columbia Tristar Home Video
James And The Giant Peach - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Jeff Foxworthy's Comedy Collection 3-Pack - E Realbiz (Slingshot)
John Woo Collection: Hard Boiled / The Killer - WinStar Home Video
Jubei Chan The Ninja Girl #2: Basic Ninja Training - Pioneer Entertainment
The Killer - WinStar Home Video
The Lady From Shanghai - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Ludwig - WinStar Home Video
Masterpieces Of Opera: Der Rosenkavalier / Nabucco / Tannhauser - Image Entertainment
Mother And Son - WinStar Home Video
A Nightmare Before Christmas: Special Edition - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Nukes In Space: The Rainbow Bombs - Goldhil
Outlaw Star #1 - Pioneer Entertainment
Piano Grand: A Smithsonian Celebration - Sony Music
Piece Of Cake - BFS Entertainment
Pirates Of Capri, The: Edgar G. Ulmer Collection #4 - Image Entertainment
Power Play - PPI
The Rocky Horror Picture Show: 25th Anniversary Special Edition - 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Roger Corman Retrospective #2: Little Shop Horrors/ Terror/ Creature From Haunted Sea - E Realbiz (Slingshot)
Rosemary's Baby - Paramount Home Video
Scooby Doo And The Alien Invaders - Warner Home Video
She's The One: Special Edition - 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Short: International Release - Warner/Electra
Snow Day - Paramount Home Video
Stephanie Foster: Yoga Beginners / Yoga Intermediate - WinStar Home Video
Tap Dogs - Image Entertainment
Time Machine: Collector's Edition - Creative Design
The Time Machine - Warner Home Video
Tom Green Show: Endangered Feces: The Very Worst Of Tom Green - PPI
Tom Thumb - Warner Home Video
Treasures From American Film Archives - Image Entertainment
The Trial Of Billy Jack: Special Edition - Ventura
Unknown Comics Collection - WinStar Home Video
Wirey Spindell - WinStar Home Video
Worst Of Ed Wood, The: Glen Or Glenda / Jail Bait / Bride Of The Monster / Plan 9 - Image Entertainment
Xerxes: Handel: English National Opera - Image Entertainment
Yoga Journal: Yoga Practice Introduction - Living Arts
You're Gorgeous - Wolfe

10 Octobre 2000
Alvin Lee's Ten Years Later: Best Of Rockpalast - Pioneer Entertainment
8 1/2 Women - Universal Home Video
Adventures of Red Ryder - Magic Lantern (VCI)
Aguirre: The Wrath Of God - Anchor Bay Entertainment
Allure: Aya Andoh - Tai Seng Video Marketing
Americana - Rhino
Beastie Boys: DVD Video Anthology: Special Edition - Criterion Collection
Big And Hairy - Showtime
Blobermouth - Image Entertainment
Blood Mania - Rhino
Bogus Witch Project - Trimark Home Video
Brady Bunch Home Movies - Rhino
Brady Bunch Variety Hour - Rhino
Cameraman's Revenge And Other Fantastic Tales, The: Ladislaw Starewicz - Image Entertainment
Cartoons Of Halas And Batchelor - Hen's Tooth
Cavegirl - Rhino
Chain Gang Women - Rhino
Cobra Verde - Anchor Bay Entertainment
Committed - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Damn The Defiant! - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Deathrow Gameshow - Rhino
Duomo Monza Concerto: Jubilaeum - Image Entertainment
The Films Of Charles And Ray Eames #3 - Image Entertainment
Filth And The Fury: The Sex Pistols - New Line Home Video
Franklin And The Green Knight - USA Entertainment
Generator Gawl #1 - A.D. Visionmadacy
Grateful Dead: Live Dead Box - Monterey DVD
Grateful Dead: View From The Vault - Monterey DVD
Greatest Moments In Super Bowl History - USA Entertainment
Greatest NBA Finals Moments - USA Entertainment
Green Hornet #1 - Brentwood
Guantanamera - New Yorker
Hal Roach's Rascals #1 - Brentwood
Hal Roach's Rascals #2 - Brentwood
Hal Roach's Rascals Box Set #1 & 2 - Brentwood
Halloween 6: The Curse Of Michael Myers - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Hell On Wheels - Rhino
Hellraiser 4: Bloodline - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Hellraiser: Inferno - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Highball - Avalanche Video
If These Walls Could Talk 2 - HBO Home Video
Jennifer Lopez: Feelin' So Good - Sony Music
JP Cover Girls - Tai Seng Video Marketing
Jurassic Park: Collector's Edition (DTS) - Universal Home Video
Jurassic Park: Collector's Edition - Universal Home Video
Jurassic Park: Collector's Edition - Universal Home Video
Jurassic Park Collection: Collector's Edition - Universal Home Video
Jurassic Park/The Lost World: Deluxe Box Set - Universal Home Video
Jurassic Park/The Lost World Collection - Universal Home Video
Kicked In The Head - Image Entertainment
Kidnapping Of The President - Rhino
Kiss Toledo Goodbye - A-Pix
Konkombe: The Nigerian Pop Music Scene - Shanachie
Look Who's Talking Too - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Lord Stanley's Cup: Hockey's Ultimate Prize - USA Entertainment
The Lost World: Collector's Edition (DTS) - Universal Home Video
The Lost World: Collector's Edition - Universal Home Video
Lost World: Jurassic Park: Collector's Edition - Universal Home Video
Love And Basketball: Platinum Series - New Line Home Video
Maborosi - New Yorker
Mein Kampf / Hitler - Magic Lantern (VCI)
Miracles - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Mysterious Black And White - Tai Seng Video Marketing
Nine Deaths Of The Ninja - Rhino
N'Sync: Live At Madison Square Garden - BMG Entertainment
Peter Pan - A&E Home Video
Pinocchio - Magic Lantern (VCI)
Pippin - Magic Lantern (VCI)
Private Eyes: Special Edition - Hen's Tooth
Red Skelton #1 - Brentwood
Red Skelton #2 - Brentwood
Red Skelton Box Set #1 & 2 - Brentwood
Rhythm Of Resistance: Black South African Music - Shanachie
Ride In The Whirlwind: Special Edition - Magic Lantern (VCI)
Road Movie - Image Entertainment
Road To Nashville - Rhino
Robot Monster - Image Entertainment
Samurai X #1: Trust - A.D. Visionmadacy
Saturday Night Live DVD 4-Pack: Farley / Rock / Carvey / Myers - Trimark Home Video
Savage Eye, The / Interviews With My Lai Veterans - Image Entertainment
Sextette - Rhino
Shanghai Noon - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Shooting - Magic Lantern (VCI)
Silencer - Rhino
Slugs - Anchor Bay Entertainment
The Stuff - Anchor Bay Entertainment
Summer's End - Showtime
Take It To The Limit - New Horizons
Thou Shall Not Kill...Except - Anchor Bay Entertainment
Time Code: Special Edition - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Timecode - Columbia Tristar Home Video
To Hell And Back Collection: Halloween 6 & H20 / Hellraiser 4 & 5 - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Transformers: The Movie - Rhino
The Twilight Zone #34 - Image Entertainment
The Twilight Zone #35 - Image Entertainment
Underworld: Live: Everything Everything - BMG Entertainment
Venice Underground (DTS) - 5.1 Entertainment
Welcome Home Brother Charles - Rhino

17 Octobre 2000
Abilene Town / Santa Fe Trail: Errol Flynn / Randolph Scott - Marengo
Cyrano De Bergerac - Image Entertainment
Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome / Dick Tracy, Detective: Dick Tracy - Marengo
Invisible Ghost / The Corpse Vanishes: Bela Lugosi Double Feature - Marengo
Legend Of The Lone Ranger: Collector's Edition - Marengo
Long John Silver / Captain Kidd - Marengo
Meet John Doe / A Farewell To Arms: Gary Cooper Double Feature - Marengo
Mr. Wong, Detective / The Fatal Hour: Boris Karloff Double Feature - Marengo
My Favorite Brunette / Road To Bali: Bob Hope Double Feature - Marengo
Santa And The Three Bears / Little Burro, The: Animated Christmas Double Feature - Marengo
Scrooge / Beyond Tomorrow - Marengo
Shadow Of The Eagle - Marengo
Terror / Little Shop Of Horrors (1960): Jack Nicholson Double Feature - Marengo
Woman In Green / Dressed To Kill - Marengo
100 Days Before The Command - Water Bearer
American Pimp - MGM Home Entertainment
American Strays - A-Pix
Ancient Evil: Scream Of The Mummy - MTI Home Video
Annabelle's Wish - Steeplechase
Autumn Whispers, Winter Dreams: Moodtapes - Image Entertainment
Beowulf - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Black Narcissus - Criterion Collection
The Blob: Special Edition - Criterion Collection
Bloody Pit Of Horror: Special Edition - Image Entertainment
Bob Roberts: Special Edition - Artisan Entertainment
Body Without Soul - Water Bearer
Boltneck - Pioneer Entertainment
Chaka Khan: BET On Jazz (DTS) - Image Entertainment
China: Windham Hill - Pioneer Entertainment
Cold Blooded - MTI Home Video
The Collectors - Studio Home Entertainment (Sterling)
Contemporary Christmas: Moodtapes - Image Entertainment
The Cosmic Man - Image Entertainment
Dance Theatre Of Harlem - Image Entertainment
Dersu Uzala - Image Entertainment
Diamonds Are Forever: Special Edition - MGM Home Entertainment
Do The Right Thing: Special Edition - Criterion Collection
Eagle Has Landed - Artisan Entertainment
Eisenstein: The Sound Years - Criterion Collection
The Fear - A-Pix
Frankenstein's Castle Of Freaks: Special Edition - Image Entertainment
Friday The 13th 4: The Final Chapter - Paramount Home Video
Friday The 13th: Part 3 - Paramount Home Video
From Russia With Love: Special Edition - MGM Home Entertainment
Going All The Way: Special Edition - USA Entertainment
Good Luck - A-Pix
Heavy Metal 2000 - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Heavy Metal 2000 / Heavy Metal: Special Edition - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Hullabaloo - MPI Home Video
I Know Where I'm Going: Special Edition - Criterion Collection
Italian 2-Pack: The Basics / Nouns, Verbs And Adjectives: The Standard Deviants - Cerebellum
Italian: Nouns, Verbs And Adjectives: The Standard Deviants - Cerebellum
James Bond Collection #3 - MGM Home Entertainment
Jeffrey Osborne: BET On Jazz (DTS) - Image Entertainment
Jude - USA Entertainment
Keeping the Faith - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Key The Metal Idol #3 - Pioneer Entertainment
The Killing Man - A-Pix
Legends Of The Fall: Special Edition - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Life Of Mary, The: Nino Rota: Jubilaeum - Image Entertainment
The Living Daylights: Special Edition - MGM Home Entertainment
The Love Letter - Artisan Entertainment
Lucky Luke - A-Pix
Major League Baseball: All Century Team - USA Entertainment
Man in Uniform - A-Pix
Militia - Avalanche Video
Music Scene: The Best Of 1969-1970 - MPI Home Video
Never Say Never Again - MGM Home Entertainment
No Looking Back: Special Edition - USA Entertainment
Not Angels But Angels -
The Nutty Professor - Paramount Home Video
Octopussy: Special Edition - MGM Home Entertainment
Once a Thief - A-Pix
Outrage - A-Pix
Paris Concert For Amnesty International (DTS) - Image Entertainment
Physics 2-Pack: #1 & 2: The Standard Deviants - Cerebellum
Picking Up The Pieces - Artisan Entertainment
Record Of Lodoss War: Chronicles Of The Heroic Knight - Central Park Media
Red Ink - York Entertainment
Rich And Famous - Tai Seng Video Marketing
Richard Strauss Concert: Erich Leinsdorf - Pioneer Entertainment
Rude - A-Pix
Rules Of Engagement: Special Edition - Paramount Home Video
Secret Games 3 - A-Pix
Secrets Of War: Nazi Warfare - Image Entertainment
Secrets Of War: WWII Battle Set - Image Entertainment
Sexual Malice - A-Pix
Showbiz Ballyhoo - Focus Film
Showbiz Goes To War - Focus Film
Soldier's Daughter Never Cries - USA Entertainment
Soul Talkin' - York Entertainment
Steel Dawn - Artisan Entertainment
Still Breathing: Special Edition - USA Entertainment
The Surgeon - A-Pix
Thursday: Director's Cut - USA Entertainment
Tibet: Windham Hill - Pioneer Entertainment
Top Dog: Howliday Favorites In Dog - E Realbiz (Slingshot)
Toy Story / Toy Story 2: Collector's Edition - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Toy Story / Toy Story 2 - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Tragic Hero - Tai Seng Video Marketing
Undercover - A-Pix
The Vanishing American - Image Entertainment
A View To A Kill: Special Edition - MGM Home Entertainment
Voodoo - A-Pix
What the Deaf Man Heard - Artisan Entertainment
Where the Rivers Flow North - A-Pix
Wounds - First Run Feature
You Only Live Twice: Special Edition - MGM Home Entertainment

24 Octobre 2000
Romper Stomper - 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
72 Desperate Rebels - Tai Seng Video Marketing
99 Cycling Swords - Tai Seng Video Marketing
Airplane: Special Edition - Paramount Home Video
Airplane 2: The Sequel - Paramount Home Video
All Men Are Brothers: Blood Of The Leopard - Tai Seng Video Marketing
American Beauty: Special Edition (DTS) - Dreamworks Home Entertainment
Arrangement - MTI Home Video
Batman Beyond: The Return Of The Joker - Warner Home Video
Better Living Through Circuitry - New Horizons
British Rock Symphony - Image Entertainment
Bug Buster - DMG
The Celebration - USA Entertainment
Center Stage: Special Edition - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Christmas At The Duomo: Jubilaeum - Image Entertainment
Colorz Of Rage - A-Pix
Dad's Army - BFS Entertainment
Dementia - Image Entertainment
Democrats: The American Experience Presidents Collection - Warner Home Video
Doorway - New Horizons
Downtown Torpedoes - Tai Seng Video Marketing
Dragon Ball: The Saga Of Goku - Trimark Home Video
East Is Red: Swordsman 3 - Tai Seng Video Marketing
Eye Of The Killer - Trimark Home Video
Eye Of The Needle - Trimark Home Video
Flint, The Time Detective 1: The Blast From The Past - Right Stuf
Flint, The Time Detective 2: The Power Of Good - Right Stuf
From The Mixed Up Files Of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler - Pioneer Entertainment
Giant From The Unknown - Image Entertainment
Glyndebourne Festival Opera: A Gala Evening - Image Entertainment
Great Lover - Brentwood
Heck's Way Home - Pioneer Entertainment
Hercules In New York - Trimark Home Video
Hockney At The Tate - Image Entertainment
Hot, The Cool And The Vicious - Tai Seng Video Marketing
Idiots - USA Entertainment
If You Only Knew - York Entertainment
The Jubilaeum Collection: Christmas Collector's Edition - Image Entertainment
Lemon Drop Kid - Brentwood
Magnificent Fist - Tai Seng Video Marketing
Merry Christmas From Rome: Jubilaeum - Image Entertainment
Mr. And Mrs. Bridge - HBO Home Video
The Patriot - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Phantom Lover: 2-Disc Special Edition - Tai Seng Video Marketing
Pitch Black: Collector's Edition (DTS) - Universal Home Video
Pitch Black: Collector's Edition (DTS) - Universal Home Video
Rabid - New Horizons
Real McCoys - Rhino
Republicans: The American Experience Presidents Collection - Warner Home Video
Rhymth & Smoke - Pioneer Entertainment
Rhythm And Smoke - Pioneer Entertainment
Road To Bali - Brentwood
Road To Rio - Brentwood
Saint Jack - New Horizons
Sin: The Motion Picture - A.D. Visionmadacy
Sinbad: Beyond Veil Of Mists - Trimark Home Video
Siren - Wolfe
Sistine Chapel Choir: The Complete Musical Works Of The Pilgrimage: Jubilaeum - Image Entertainment
Skinny Tiger, Fatty Dragon - Tai Seng Video Marketing
The Skulls: Collector's Edition - Universal Home Video
Son Of Paleface - Brentwood
Star Trek #17: Who Mourns For Adonis / Amok Time - Paramount Home Video
Star Trek #18: The Doomsday Machine / Wolf In The Fold - Paramount Home Video
Suburbia: Special Edition - New Horizons
Swordsman - Tai Seng Video Marketing
Tucker: The Man And His Dream - Paramount Home Video
U-571: Collector's Edition (DTS) - Universal Home Video
Up At The Villa - USA Entertainment
X-Men: Phoenix Saga - Universal Home Video

31 Octobre 2000
Amazing Nurse Nanako #2: Fire-Crackers - Pioneer Entertainment
Anna and the King: Special Edition - 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Artist, The: Rave Un2 The Year 2000 (DTS) - Image Entertainment
Beethoven - Image Entertainment
Better Place: Special Edition - Synapse Films
Birth Of A Nation - E Realbiz (Slingshot)
Black Heaven #1: Legend Of Rock Bottom - Pioneer Entertainment
Born On The 4th Of July: Collector's Edition - Universal Home Video
Cadfael: Morbid Taste For Bones - Acorn Media Publishing Inc.
Casper's Haunted Christmas - Universal Home Video
Deal Of A Lifetime - MGM Home Entertainment
Devil's Three Golden Hairs: Tales From Europe - Hen's Tooth
Doctor Dolittle - 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Don't Mess With My Sister - Elite Entertainment
DVD Karaoke Party Pack #2 - Pioneer Entertainment
Fail Safe - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Family Of Cops 2 - Trimark Home Video
Family Of Cops 3 - Trimark Home Video
Fatal Frames - Synapse Films
Frequency - New Line Home Video
Golden Goose: Tales From Europe - Hen's Tooth
Gossip - Warner Home Video
Grissom Gang - Anchor Bay Entertainment
Handel: The Messiah: Choir Of King's College - Image Entertainment
Hermitage Museum Of St. Petersburg - E Realbiz (Slingshot)
How The Grinch Stole Christmas / Horton Hears A Who: Special Edition - Warner Home Video
Italian Movie - Vanguard Films
Jean Claude Van Damme 2-Pack: Hard Target / Timecop - Universal Home Video
Jim Carrey 2-Pack: Liar Liar (Special Edition) / Man On The Moon (Special Edition) - Universal Home Video
Kevin Costner 2-Pack: Field Of Dreams (Special Edition) / For Love Of The Game - Universal Home Video
Last Lieutenant - Vanguard Films
Le Corsaire: American Ballet Theatre - Image Entertainment
Michael Moore's The Awful Truth: The Complete First Season - New Video
Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Miracle On 34th Street - 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Mon Oncle D'Amerique - New Yorker
Monty Python: The Life Of Python - A&E Home Video
Morbid Taste For Bones: Cadfael - Acorn Media Publishing Inc.
Nutcracker, The: Tchaikovsky: Maurice Bejart - Image Entertainment
Olive, The Other Reindeer - 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Portraits Chinois - Vanguard Films
Pre-Algebra #2: The Standard Deviants - Cerebellum
Prisoner #1: Arrival / Free For All / Dance Of The Dead - A&E Home Video
Return To Me - MGM Home Entertainment
Robert De Niro 2-Pack: Casino / The Deer Hunter - Universal Home Video
Simon Boccanegra: Verdi: Metropolitan Opera - Pioneer Entertainment
Singing Ringing Tree: Tales From Europe - Hen's Tooth
Son Of Gascogne - Vanguard Films
Sounds Magnificent: Beethoven: Symphony 5 & 7: Andre Previn - Image Entertainment
Sounds Magnificent: Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique: Andre Previn - Image Entertainment
Spent - Pioneer Entertainment
Story Of Little Mook: Tales From Europe - Hen's Tooth
Talk Radio - Universal Home Video
Tannhauser: Wagner: Metropolitan Opera - Pioneer Entertainment
The Beggar's Opera, The: John Gay - Image Entertainment
Thomas And The Magic Railroad - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Titan A.E. (DTS) - 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Touch Of Evil - Universal Home Video
Where The Heart Is - 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Zero Woman 2 - Media Blasters
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