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Sorties DVD et Blu ray

prévisons de sortie | avril 2000

4 Avril 2000
Adventures Of The Old West #1: Scouts In The Wilderness - Madacy Entertainment
Adventures Of The Old West #2: Texas Cowboys And The Trail Drives - Madacy Entertainment
Adventures Of The Old West #3: Great Chiefs At The Crossroads - Madacy Entertainment
Adventures Of The Old West #4: Frontier Justice - Madacy Entertainment
Adventures Of The Old West #5: The 49ers And The Califronia Gold Rush - Madacy Entertainment
Andy Griffith Show Box Set - Madacy Entertainment
Angel Of The Night - MTI Home Video
Angel on Fire - Tai Seng
Aristocats, The - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Arthur's Quest - Ventura
Best Of Bulgarian Animation, The - Image Entertainment
Best Revenge, The - Image Entertainment
Beverly Hillbillies (Box Set) - Madacy Entertainment
Big Bully - Warner Home Video
Blue Gardenia, The - Image Entertainment
Blue Submarine - Pioneer
Blue Submarine 6 #1: Blue - Pioneer
Brown's Requiem: Special Edition - Sterling Home Entertainment
Burn The Floor (DTS) - Universal Home Video
Caddyshack: 20th Anniversary Addition - Warner Home Video
Challenge Of Flight, The #3-4 - Focus Film
Champions Forever: Latin Legends, The - Image Entertainment
Champions Forever: World Heavyway Champ! - Image Entertainment
Cheating Las Vegas - Brentwood
Coming Home - Acorn Media Publishing Inc.
Cowboy Bebop #1 - Pioneer
Cry In The Wilderness, A - Goodtimes Home Video
Daft Punk: D.A.F.T.: A Story About Dogs, Androids, Fireman And Tomatoes - Eaton
Dead Hate The Living: Special Edition - Amazing Fantasy Entertainment
Diner - Warner Home Video
Dry Cleaning - Steeplechase
Dungeon Of Desire - Amazing Fantasy Entertainment
Eat Man '98 - Pioneer
Eat-Man '98 - Pioneer
English Grammar: The Standard Deviants - Cerebellum
Entrapment : Special Edition - 20th Century Fox
Excellent Cadavers - HBO
Exotic Aquarium - Simitar
For Love Of The Game - Universal Home Video
Ghost Stories 5-Pack - Madacy Entertainment
Godspell - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Horowitz In Moscow - Pioneer
Infinity: Special Edition - WinStar Home Video
Into The Badlands - Goodtimes Home Video
Jet Pilot - Goodtimes Home Video
Learn How To Swing Dance! - Brentwood
Lone Ranger: Collector's Edition (Box Set) - Madacy Entertainment
Lost In Space Forever - Image Entertainment
Love Is The Devil - Steeplechase
Lucy Show Box Set - Madacy Entertainment
Major League 2 - Warner Home Video
Major League 3: Back To The Minors - Warner Home Video
Mandragora - Water Bearer
Mars: The Red Planet Collection - Brentwood
Messenger, The: The Story of Joan of Arc, The - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Metallica: With The San Francisco Symphony: S & M - Warner/Electra
Naked Acts - MTI Home Video
Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection #0:1 - A.D. Vision
Operavox - Image Entertainment
Philadelphia Story, The - Warner Home Video
Portrait Of An Assassin - Image Entertainment
Richard Kern: The Hardcore Collection - Music Video Distribution
S.O.S. Coast Guard - Roan Group
Satin Smoke - Image Entertainment
Secrets Of The Bible - Madacy Entertainment
Settlement - MTI Home Video
Shakes the Clown - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Short #3: Authority - Warner Home Video
Smiths: The Complete Picture - Warner/Electra
State Of Mind, A - York Entertainment
Stay Tuned - Warner Home Video
Strike Force Box Set - Madacy Entertainment
Super Racers - A-Pix
Susan's Plan - Amazing Fantasy Entertainment
Tom Sawyer - MGM Home Entertainment
Trader Hornee: Special Edition - Image Entertainment
VH-1 Divas Live '99 (DTS) - Image Entertainment
Victor / Victoria - Image Entertainment
Voodoo Dawn - MTI Home Video
Voyage To The Beginning Of The World - Steeplechase
What A Blast Collection: 2-Pack - A-Pix
What A Blast: Architecture In Motion - A-Pix
What A Blast: Special Edition - A-Pix
Will Smith: Video Collection - Sony Music
Wizard Of Gore, The: Special Edition - Image Entertainment
World's Most Amazing Animal Rescues - Madacy Entertainment
World's Most Astounding Undercover Stings - Madacy Entertainment
World's Most Awesome Record Breakers - Madacy Entertainment
World's Most Dangerous Police Videos - Madacy Entertainment
World's Most Daring Robberies - Madacy Entertainment
World's Most Death-Defying Stunts - Madacy Entertainment
World's Most Heroic Firefighters - Madacy Entertainment
World's Most Incredible Hostage Rescues - Madacy Entertainment
World's Most Outrageous Weddings - Madacy Entertainment
World's Most Powerful Explosions - Madacy Entertainment
Wrecking Crew, The - Sterling Home Entertainment

11 Avril 2000
Abominable Snowman, The - Anchor Bay Entertainment
At The Jazz Band Ball: Early Hot Jazz, Song And Dance - Shanachie
Classic Album: Bob Marley And The Wailers: Catch A Fire - Image Entertainment
Classic Album: The Who / Who's Next - Image Entertainment
Dark Harbor - Artisan Entertainment
Defying Gravity - Wolfe
Diary Of Lust - Amazing Fantasy Entertainment
Diplomatic Siege - Trimark Home Video
Dr. Alien - Amazing Fantasy Entertainment
Femalien 2 - Amazing Fantasy Entertainment
Four Sided Triangle, The - Anchor Bay Entertainment
Ghost Goes Gear, The - Anchor Bay Entertainment
Ghost Goes Gear, The: Special Edition - Anchor Bay Entertainment
Good Times - Anchor Bay Entertainment
Great Dictator, The - Image Entertainment
Gulda: Beethoven Piano Concerto 5 / Mozart: Sonata 333 & 576 - Pioneer
Happy Texas: Special Edition - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Hollywood Confidential - Paramount Home Video
Insider - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Jack The Ripper - Elite Entertainment
Jennifer 8 - Paramount Home Video
John Lennon: Imagine - EMI
Journey to the Center of the Earth - Artisan Entertainment
Judgement Day - Artisan Entertainment
Limelight - Image Entertainment
Masters Of Russian Animation #1 - Image Entertainment
Mighty Ducks, The - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Minus Man, The - Artisan Entertainment
Mom, Can I Keep Her? - New Horizons
Netherworld - Amazing Fantasy Entertainment
Organ - Image Entertainment
Phantom Love - Amazing Fantasy Entertainment
Quatermass 2: - Anchor Bay Entertainment
Rich Man's Wife, The - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Ryder Cup - Trimark Home Video
Spanish Festival: Naxos Musical Journey (DTS) - DVD International
Stacy's Knights - Rhino
Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock - Paramount Home Video
Superstar - Paramount Home Video
Surrender - Image Entertainment
Suspect - Tai Seng
Swan Lake: Tchaikovsky: Matthew Bourne - Warner/Electra
Three Kings: Special Edition - Warner Home Video
Three To Tango - Warner Home Video
Tie That Binds, The - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Times Ain't Like They Used To Be: Early Rural And Popular American Music - Shanachie
Tumbleweeds - New Line Home Video
Twilight Zone #22 - Image Entertainment
Twilight Zone #23 - Image Entertainment
Webmaster: Special Edition - Sterling Home Entertainment
Why Dogs Smile & Chimpanzees Cry - Artisan Entertainment
X: The Unknown - Anchor Bay Entertainment

12 Avril 2000
Bach: Naxos Musical Journey (DTS) - DVD International
Handel: Naxos Musical Journey (DTS) - DVD International
Italian Festival: Naxos Musical Journey (DTS) - DVD International
Mozart: Naxos Musical Journey (DTS) - DVD International
Vivaldi: Naxos Musical Journey (DTS) - DVD International

18 Avril 2000
Aliens: The Complete Truth (Box Set) - Madacy Entertainment
Anywhere But Here - 20th Century Fox
Bachelor, The - New Line Home Video
Believe - Central Park Media
Beyond Redemption - Avalanche Video
Boys Don't Cry - 20th Century Fox
Brain That Wouldn't Die - Image Entertainment
Carnosaur - New Horizons
Carnosaur 2 - York Entertainment
Carnosaur 3: Primal Species - York Entertainment
Concerto Pasqua: Easter Sunday Concert 1999: Jubilaeum - Image Entertainment
Coroner - York Entertainment
Decalogue, The - Image Entertainment
Dido & Aeneas: Mark Morris Dance Group - Image Entertainment
End Of Days: Collector's Edition - Universal Home Video
Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe - Image Entertainment
Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, A - MGM Home Entertainment
Gen-Ex Cops - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Guys and Dolls - MGM Home Entertainment
Hidden, The - New Line Home Video
House On Haunted Hill: Special Edition - Warner Home Video
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying - MGM Home Entertainment
Jean Cocteau's Orphic Trilogy: Special Edition - Criterion Collection
Kings Of The Ring - HBO
Last Temptation of Christ, The: Special Edition - Criterion Collection
Liquified / Underwater Realm - Image Entertainment
Magic Flute, The - Criterion Collection
Mumford - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Our Town - Focus Film
Penthouse: The Girls Of Penthouse #1 - Image Entertainment
Penthouse: The Girls Of Penthouse #2 - Image Entertainment
Penthouse: The Girls Of Penthouse #3 - Image Entertainment
Penthouse: Working Women - Image Entertainment
Picnic - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Red Dwraf, The - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Red Skelton Box Set - Madacy Entertainment
Runner - Image Entertainment
Stella Maris - Image Entertainment
Storm Riders, The - Tai Seng
Stuart Little: Special Edition - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Tarzan: Collector's Edition - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
That's The Way I Like It - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Two Moon Junction - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Walking with Dinosaurs - 20th Century Fox
When It Was A Game - HBO

21 Avril 2000
MTV Unplugged: Ballads - Sony Music
MTV Unplugged: Classic Moments - Sony Music
MTV Unplugged: Finest Moments - Sony Music
MTV Unplugged: Superstars - Sony Music

25 Avril 2000
Above All Else: The Everest Dream - A-Pix
Ace Ventura: Serial Shaver - Image Entertainment
Alone - WinStar Home Video
And Ya Don't Stop - Hip Hop - Rykodisc
Andy Kaufman Show - Rhino
Andy Kaufman: I'm From Hollywood - Rhino
Back To Back - WinStar Home Video
Bardot In A Box - Anchor Bay Entertainment
Bastard Out of Carolina, The - WinStar Home Video
Better Place - Image Entertainment
Blind Fury / Omega Doom - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Blue Velvet - MGM Home Entertainment
Boston Kickout - WinStar Home Video
Breathless - MGM Home Entertainment
Broken Vessels - A-Pix
Brylcreem Boys, The - WinStar Home Video
Buddhist Fist, The - Tai Seng
Castaway Cowboy, The - Anchor Bay Entertainment
Castle Of Cagliostro, The - Rykodisc
Come Dance with Me - Anchor Bay Entertainment
Communion: Special Edition - Elite Entertainment
Deep Blues - WinStar Home Video
Deep Red (aka. Profondo Rosso) - Anchor Bay Entertainment
Devil Man - Manga Entertainment
Devilman #1 & 2 - Rykodisc
Dinner Game, The - Universal Home Video
Don't Mess With My Sister - Elite Entertainment
Earth Wind & Fire: In Concert - Pioneer
Elvis Presley: Aloha From Hawaii - Warner/Electra
Elvis Presley: The Alternate Aloha Concert - Warner/Electra
Evening With Sherlock Holmes - Focus Film
Evening With Sherlock Holmes, An (4 DVD Boxed Set) - Focus Film
Flawless - MGM Home Entertainment
Forgotten City - York Entertainment
Fortress 2: Re-Entry - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Great Locomotive Chase, The - Anchor Bay Entertainment
Gypsy - Pioneer
Honeymoon in Vegas - MGM Home Entertainment
I Married A Strange Person - Universal Home Video
Idolmaker, The - MGM Home Entertainment
In The Realm Of The Senes - WinStar Home Video
In The Realm Of The Senses - WinStar Home Video
Inferno - Anchor Bay Entertainment
It Came From The Sky - MTI Home Video
Jackson Browne: Going Home - Pioneer
James Bond Story - WinStar Home Video
Jet Li's The Enforcer (Aka: My Father I A Hero) - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Karajan: Beethoven: Symphony 1 And 8 - Sony Music
Karajan: Beethoven: Symphony 6 "Pastorale" And 7 - Sony Music
Karajan: Mozart: Don Giovanni - Sony Music
Karajan: New Year's Eve Concert 1984: Bach: Violin Concerto No. 2 - Sony Music
King Of Marvin Gardens, The - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Kino-Eye/Three Songs Of Lenin - Image Entertainment
Learn How To Swing Dance - WinStar Home Video
Les Femmes - Anchor Bay Entertainment
Lords of Flatbush, The - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Lost Films Of Laurel & Hardy #6 - Image Entertainment
Love, etc. - WinStar Home Video
Magic Of Flight, The: IMAX (DTS) - Image Entertainment
Marshall Tucker Band: Then And Now - Pioneer
Mission - Tai Seng
MLS 1999: Year In Review: Major League Soccer - Simitar
Molly - MGM Home Entertainment
Mr. Mom - MGM Home Entertainment
Ms. 45 - Image Entertainment
MTV Unplugged: Soul Of R&B - Sony Music
Music Of The Heart: Special Edition - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Mysterious Obsession - Tai Seng
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Eegah! - Rhino
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Brain That Wouldn't Die - Rhino
Naughty Girl - Anchor Bay Entertainment
Neil Young: Silver And Gold - Warner/Electra
No Way Out - MGM Home Entertainment
On the Ropes: Special Edition - WinStar Home Video
One Little Indian - Anchor Bay Entertainment
Perfect Blue - Rykodisc
Playboy: Erotic Fantasies #2 - Image Entertainment
Playboy: Girlfriends #2 - Image Entertainment
Playboy: Sensual Pleasures Of Oriental Massage - Image Entertainment
Please Not Now! - Anchor Bay Entertainment
Popeye: 70 Years Of Cartoons - WinStar Home Video
Quarrel, The - WinStar Home Video
Ranma 1/2 OAV Series - Pioneer
Regret To Inform - New Video
Riki O: The Story Of Ricky - Tai Seng
RKO 281 - HBO
Rock, The: The People's Champ - WWF
Rowdy Girls, The (Rated Version) - Troma
Rowdy Girls, The (Unrated Version) - Troma
Running Out Of Time - Tai Seng
Santo Bugito #3 - Image Entertainment
Saturday Night Live: The Best Of Chris Farley - Trimark Home Video
Saturday Night Live: The Best Of Steve Martin - Trimark Home Video
Search And Destroy - Pioneer
Showgirls - MGM Home Entertainment
Shu Kei: Viva! Island Girl - Tai Seng
Sigmund and the Sea Monsters - Rhino
Slipper and the Rose, The - Image Entertainment
Sol Bianca: The Legacy #1: Lost Treasures - Pioneer
Sound And Motion #1 - Rykodisc
Sounds & Motion - Rykodisc
Spaceballs - MGM Home Entertainment
Summerslam - WWF
Superman #1: Menace Of Metallo: Multipath Adventure - Slingshot
Telling Lies in America - WinStar Home Video
Thunder Road - MGM Home Entertainment
Time Masters - Image Entertainment
Virgin Assassin: Yurika Ohnishi - Tai Seng
When Dinosaurs Ruled #1: The Land That Time Forgot - Madacy Entertainment
When Dinosaurs Ruled #2: Birth Of The Giants - Madacy Entertainment
When Dinosaurs Ruled #3: The Real Jurassic Park - Madacy Entertainment
When Dinosaurs Ruled #4: Ground Zero - Madacy Entertainment
When Dinosaurs Ruled #5: At The Ends Of The Earth - Madacy Entertainment
When Dinosaurs Ruled Box Set #1-5 - Madacy Entertainment
Whity - Fantoma
Xena #1: Girls Just Want To Have Fun: Multipath Adventure - Slingshot
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