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Sorties DVD et Blu ray

prévisons de sortie | décembre 1999

7 décembre 1999
Affair - Ventura
Alice In Wonderland (DTS) - Digital Versatile Disc
Alley Cats - Image Entertainment
Animated Hit Disney DVD Gift Set - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Battle Angel - A.D. Vision
Battle Athletes Victory #8: The Human Race! - Pioneer
Battle Athletes: Human Race - Pioneer
Black And White - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Black Death - Image Entertainment
Boxer's Adventure - Central Park Media
Candyman 3: Day Of The Dead - Artisan Entertainment
Carnal Knowledge - MGM/UA
Circuit Music Journal 1:4 - Warner Home Video
Crack Shadow Boxer - Central Park Media
Dangeous Evidence: Lori Jackson Story - Xenon Entertainment
Dangerous Evidence: The Lori Jackson Story - Xenon Entertainment
Dead Man Walking - MGM/UA
Deep Blue Sea: Special Edition - Warner Home Video
Desperate Crimes - Image Entertainment
Donna Summer: Live & More Encore - Sony Music
Dragon Ball Z #16: Ginyu Forces - Pioneer
Dragon Ball Z #17: Super Saiyan - Pioneer
DVD Mighty Math Pack: The Standard Deviants - Cerebellum
Easy Rider - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Eddie - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Enter The Dragon: Collector's Edition - Steeplechase
Ernest Bloch: Music By Ernest Bloch - Classic Records
Everest (IMAX) - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Exorcist, The: Collector's Edition - Steeplechase
Falcon And The Snowman, The - MGM/UA
Filter: Title Of DVD - Warner/Electra
G.G. Allin & The Murder Junkies: Hated - Music Video Distribution
Graduate, The: Special Edition - MGM/UA
Hiroshima - Pioneer
Hoods - Pioneer
Imitators - Trimark Home Video
In The Woods - Dead Alive Productions
Inspector Gadget - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Jungle Book - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
King Solomon's Mines (DTS) - Digital Versatile Disc
Lightd ance: Santana - Image Entertainment
Little Mermaid - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Loss Of Sexual Innocence, The - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Lower Body Yoga / Abs Yoga / Upper Body Yoga For Beginners - Living Arts
Madeline / Matilda: Double Feature - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Maiko Yuuki - Tai Seng
Matrix, The: Collector's Edition - Steeplechase
Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
MTV: Real World You Never Saw, The: Hawaii - Sony Music
National Geographic: 30 Years Of Specials - Warner Home Video
National Geographic: Battle Of Midway - Warner Home Video
National Geographic: Secrets Of Titanic - Warner Home Video
New Rose Hotel - Sterling Home Entertainment
Ninja Resurrection - A.D. Vision
Nude Yoga & Tai Chi - PPI
Oasis: Tangerine Dream - Image Entertainment
Outlaw - Ventura
Playboy Centerfold Playmate 2000 - Image Entertainment
Playboy Fabulous Forties - Image Entertainment
Playboy Girls Of Hooters - Image Entertainment
Pom Pom & Hot Hot - Tai Seng
Portland Street Blues - Tai Seng
Prince & The Surfer - Image Entertainment
Redline - Image Entertainment
Robin Hood (DTS) - Digital Versatile Disc
Ruffhouse 10th Anniversary - Sony Music
School Of Flesh, The - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Senseless - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Sesame Street: 1-2-3 Count With Me - Sony Music
Shakespeare In Love: Special Edition - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Snows Of Kilimanjaro - Ventura
Spitfire Grill, The - Warner Home Video
Star Is Born, A - Ventura
Three Musketeers, The (DTS) - Digital Versatile Disc
Top Of The World - Image Entertainment
Ultracop 2000 - Tai Seng
Usual Suspects, The - MGM/UA
Voyage Of The Damned - Pioneer
Web Of Seduction - Image Entertainment
Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left For The East? - Image Entertainment
X Temptation - Tai Seng

14 décembre 1999
38 Special: Live At Sturgis - BMG Video
8 Seconds - New Line Home Video
Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland, The - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Against All Odds - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Aida: Verdi: Teatro Alla Scala - Image Entertainment
Anthrax: Return Of The Killer B's Video Anthology - BMG Video
Backstreet Boys - BMG Video
Black Beauty (DTS) - Digital Versatile Disc
Black Sunday - Image Entertainment
Blondie - BMG Video
Boys From Brazil - Artisan Entertainment
Britney Spears: Time Out - BMG Video
Buena Vista Social Club - Artisan Entertainment
Christopher Cross: Evening - BMG Video
Cold Hearts - Raven Releasing
Corrina, Corrina - New Line Home Video
Dancin' In The Street - Image Entertainment
Dead Calm - Warner Home Video
Denise Austin: Tone & Tighten - PPI
Dick: Special Edition - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Don Quixote (DTS) - Digital Versatile Disc
Donna Richardson: 3 Day Rotation 2000 - Anchor Bay Entertainment
Drop Dead Gorgeous - New Line Home Video
Even Dwarfs Started Small: Special Edition - Anchor Bay Entertainment
Exorcist 3, The - Warner Home Video
Extreme Measure - Warner Home Video
Extreme Measures - Warner Home Video
Family Values Tour '98 - Sony Music
Farewell, My Concubine - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Five Easy Pieces - Columbia Tristar Home Video
General's Daughter, The - Paramount Home Video
George Michael: Ladies & Gentlemen: Best Of George Michael - Sony Music
George Thorogood: Live In '99 - BMG Video
Grind Workout-Tai Funk Aerobics - Sony Music
Hercules (DTS) - Digital Versatile Disc
Illuminata: Special Edition - Artisan Entertainment
Kathy Smith: Personal Trainer - Sony Music
Key To Sex, The - Image Entertainment
Kidnapped (DTS) - Digital Versatile Disc
Killing Obsession - Image Entertainment
Kiss: The Second Coming - Image Entertainment
Kitaro: Light Of The Spirit, The - Pioneer
Last Detail - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Legend Of Hiawatha, The (DTS) - Digital Versatile Disc
Loves Of Carmen, The - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Ma Vie En Rose - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Meat Loaf: VH-1 Storytellers - BMG Video
Metallica: SF Symphony S & M - Warner/Electra
Mosquito Coast - Warner Home Video
My Favorite Broadway: The Leading Ladies - Image Entertainment
Now And Then - New Line Home Video
Odyssey, The (DTS) - Digital Versatile Disc
Pal Joey - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Papillon - Warner Home Video
Peter Pan (DTS) - Digital Versatile Disc
Pimps Up, Ho's Down - MTI Home Video
Pink Floyd: The Wall - Sony Music
Pique Dame: Tchaikovsky:Glyndebourne Opera - Image Entertainment
Presidio, The - Paramount Home Video
Price Of Desire - Image Entertainment
Red Violin, The (DTS) - Universal Home Video
Ricky Martin: One Night Only - Sony Music
Rogue Trader - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Running Time: Special Edition - Anchor Bay Entertainment
Salsa & Merengue: Cal Pozo's Learn To Dance In Minutes - PPI
Scarefest Collector's Pack - Artisan Entertainment
Something To Talk About - Warner Home Video
South Park #4 - Warner Home Video
South Park #5 - Warner Home Video
South Park #6 - Warner Home Video
South Park 3-Pack #1 - Warner Home Video
Stalag 17 - Paramount Home Video
Star Trek: #5, Episodes 10 & 11 - Paramount Home Video
Stevie Ray Vaughan: Live At The El Mocambo - Sony Music
Swing: Cal Pozo's Learn To Dance In Minutes - PPI
Tenchi In Tokyo#7: A New Career - Pioneer
Tess Of The Storm Country - Image Entertainment
Tom Sawyer (DTS) - Digital Versatile Disc
Total Eclipse - New Line Home Video
Vampyros Lesbos - Synapse Films
Very Thought of You, The - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Village Of Dreams - Image Entertainment
Wanted - York Entertainment
Way We Were, The - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Wild Cardz - Central Park Media
Young Gun 2 - Warner Home Video
Young Guns 2 - Warner Home Video

21 décembre 1999
Airborne - MTI Home Video
American Flyers - Warner Home Video
American Pie: Special Edition - Universal Home Video
American Pie: Special Edition (Unrated Version) - Universal Home Video
Around The World In 80 Days (DTS) - Digital Versatile Disc
Babar: King Of The Elephants - HBO
Batman Beyond - Warner Home Video
Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm - Warner Home Video
Beshkempir: The Adopted Son - WinStar Home Video
Besieged: Special Edition - New Line Home Video
Bloodmoon - WinStar Home Video
Campus Comedy Classics (Box Set) - Universal Home Video
Carmen McRae: Live - Image Entertainment
Cher: Live In Concert - HBO
Clean Shaven - WinStar Home Video
Clockwatchers - WinStar Home Video
Cry In The Dark - Warner Home Video
Detroit Rock City: Special Edition - New Line Home Video
Different For Girls - WinStar Home Video
Dracula - Universal Home Video
Ella Fitzgerald: Something To Live For - WinStar Home Video
English Grammar: The Standard Deviants - Cerebellum
Evening with Placido Domingo, An - Image Entertainment
Fast Times At Ridgemont High - Universal Home Video
Heidi Fleiss: Hollywood Madam - WinStar Home Video
Heidi Fleiss: Hollywood Madam - WinStar Home Video
Hunchback Of Notre Dame (DTS) - Digital Versatile Disc
Iron Maze - Image Entertainment
K-911 - Universal Home Video
Lone Star - Warner Home Video
Made Men - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Manhattan Merengue - WinStar Home Video
Masterworks Of The German Horror Cinema (Box Set) - Elite Entertainment
National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon - New Line Home Video
Offspring: Americana - Music Video Distribution
One Hundred And One Nights - WinStar Home Video
Penthouse Lingerie Party - Image Entertainment
Penthouse Passport To Paradise: Hawaii - Image Entertainment
Penthouse Sexiest Amateur Video Centerfolds - Image Entertainment
Penthouse The All-Pet Workout - Image Entertainment
Pump Up The Volume - New Line Home Video
Relax...It's Just Sex - A-Pix
Run Lola Run - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Scarred City - Image Entertainment
Shawshank Redemption - Warner Home Video
Song Remains The Same, The: Led Zeppelin - Warner Home Video
Summer Of Sam - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Supercop 2 - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Supercrop 2 - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Surviving The Game - New Line Home Video
Taxman - PM Entertainment
Teaching Mrs. Tingle (DTS) - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Treasure Island (DTS) - Digital Versatile Disc
Twilight Zone #14 - Panasonic
Twilight Zone #15 - Panasonic
Ultimate UFO: The Complete Evidence: Special Edition - Central Park Media
Vaudeville - WinStar Home Video
Volunteers - HBO
Well Sexy Women - Wolfe
Year Of The Gun - Columbia Tristar Home Video

28 décembre 1999
90 Degrees South - Image Entertainment
Antonio Gaudi - Image Entertainment
Assassin (1986) / Guinevere - Simitar
Babysitter's Seduction / Those Bedroom Eyes - Simitar
Beany And Cecil: Special Edition - Image Entertainment
Better Than Chocolate - Trimark Home Video
Bizet's Carmen - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Broken Vessels - Image Entertainment
Bruckner: Symphony #8: Zubin Mehta - Image Entertainment
Corrupt: Special Edition - Sterling Home Entertainment
Dance With The Devil - A-Pix
Dancing In The Dark (1995) / Prime Suspect (1982) - Simitar
Death Ride To Osaka / Fatal Image - Simitar
Desert Blue - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Dudley Do-Right (DTS) - Universal Home Video
Enchanted Forest, The - Image Entertainment
Escape Velocity - York Entertainment
Evening Of Fourpay, An - Image Entertainment
For Your Height Only - Simitar
G2: Mortal Conquest - MTI Home Video
GRP All Stars: Live From The Record Plant - Image Entertainment
Hush Little Baby / Closer & Closer - Simitar
It Happened One Night: Special Edition - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Killer Tongue - Image Entertainment
La Boheme: Puccini: Australian Opera - Image Entertainment
Lee Ritenour And Friends #1 & 2 - Image Entertainment
Lost In New York - Image Entertainment
Mysterious Man Of The Shroud - Image Entertainment
Natural World 6-Pack - Simitar
Night Tide - Image Entertainment
Playboy Playmate Erotic Adventures - Image Entertainment
Playboy Wet & Wild #1 - Image Entertainment
Portrait of the Soul - MTI Home Video
Rehearsal For Murder / Exclusive - Simitar
Roy Firestone's Greatest Moments In Golf - Real Entertainment
Sweepers - Image Entertainment
Total Reality - York Entertainment
Universal Soldier 2: The Return - Columbia Tristar Home Video
Whisper Kill / Ed McBain's 87th Precinct - Simitar
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